Blimie Project, Inc., is a locally respected 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

My name is Emmanuel Blimie I founded Blimie Project, Inc., on the premise that education is the core for poverty reduction worldwide, and the most valuable exchange available to us human beings for expelling illiteracy.

I founded Blimie Project, Inc., to  accept challenges that were personally posed to me by three profound and renounce individuals, Senator George McGovern, Professor Erick Markusen and Dr. Cyril Blavo, DO. 

Senator George McGovern personally challenged me in September 2006 during his "Ending Hunger In Our Time"​ tour at Southwest Minnesota State University to take action. And 15 years later,I heeded his call with Blimie Project, Inc.

Professor Eric Markusen, PhD. Pioneer Genocide Scholar, and Research Director of the Danish Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Copenhagen challenged me one of his favorite students with the task of spreading lights on genocide. And over 15 years later, I heeded his call with Blimie Project, Inc.

Dr. Cyril Blavo, DO, MPH & TM, FACOP, Professor of Pediatrics and Public Health at Nova Southeastern University planted the seed of disease prevention to undeserved populations around the world with life saving measures as simple as taking and educating folks about their blood pressure. And six years later,I heeded his call with Blimie Project, Inc,.

As a Florida State Rep. Candidate, I advocated for one project at a time to enhance our immediate local community. Blimie Project, Inc., is taking my message to the local community. Be sure to join us.