Blimie Project, Inc., proud itself on doing one project at a time and enhancing this local community. 

We are a part of this immediate local community, we must as well do our part no matter how little and advance this community to a more agreeable threshold. 

Blimie Project opens dialogue to forge respect between local law enforcement and youth in schools with high propensity for crime with our Open Forum Event entitled Pull Over: Do's and Don'ts. 


Blimie Project, Inc., Knowledge Sharing and Open Forum Events  like Holocaust in Shame (HiS); Genocide In Shame Exhibits (GiSE); War In Shame Exhibits (WiSE) are open discussions and exhibits at

local Colleges and Universities to bring awareness to the issues with an expert on the topic leading the Open Forum.


Blimie Project, Inc,. Health Event entitled Pressure Control is championed by students' volunteers in medical programs going to poorest communities armed with stethoscopes, pens and writing pads to simply check blood pressures, and educate the locals on prevention. 


Blimie Project, Inc,.Literary Event entitled Literary Room is a reading room championed by Donors like yourself. The whole idea is to provide poorest school with room full of books, benches and tables where illiterate children can go to read and be read to. Help leave the world's community a literary place.